Burma owns a wealth of stunning landscapes from the mighty religious sites to gorgeous natural wonders. We've gathered the most-visited ones to a list of top 10 Burma tourist attractions.

Burma used to be the second most isolated country in the world after North Korea. Before 2010, other countries just ‘stole the limelight” of Burma when it came to tourism. But over the recent years, this country has opened up and done its best for tourist attraction – for example, infrastructure improvement, online e-visa opening for 67 economies, visa exemption for Southeast Asian countries, etc. Their efforts, to some extent, pay off when they have now become a main lead in the world’s tourism role play.

There are many Burma attractions, some main of which are balloons over Bagan, sunset-watching in Bagan, Inle lake boat trip, U Bein bridge, 'circular train' in Yangon, colonial Yangon walk, Shwenandaw monastery, Shwedagon Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Golden Rock.

Balloons over Bagan

Temples and pagodas are important among tourist attractions in Burma, and Bagan is the city with highest concentration of temples in this country. It couldn’t be better to have 360 degree view of temples, Irrawaddy River and the city of Bagan as the sun rises by having balloon rides. Passengers are collected from hotels before dawn and taken to the site to get prepared for balloon trips. There are 2-4 people in a basket. The flights lasts around one hour before landing in a field for light breakfast with some delicious champagne.

Sunset-watching at Bagan

During Bagan trip, not to miss are the sunsets from top of some temples (Shwesandaw, Pyathada, etc.). From the top, visitors can have an amazing panoramic view across the temple plain. These temples look breathtakingly beautiful as blazing sun slowly sinks to earth. If you want to watch sunsets without a crowd, then head for unused monasteries. As they house no valuables, they are often left unlocked.

Inle Lake Boat Trip

A boat trip on Inle lake is among popular Burma attractions. During this boat trip, you can expect to see beautiful floating houses of teak, unique floating gardens, famous leg-rowers, rotating fresh market, mysterious Shwe Indein Pagoda and hundreds of ancient pagodas, long-neck women, cheroot factory, silk weaving workshop, silversmith workshop, and Red Mountain Estate with beautiful red houses on a vineyards-surrounded hill.

U Bein Bridge

Can't miss on top 10 Burma tourist attractions! Beside Inle lake, U Bein bridge is another incredibly scenic place to visit and another real heaven for photographers. This is the world’s longest teak footbridge gently curving 1300yd across shallow Taungthaman lake. A great time to visit this bridge is after sunrise to enjoy the scene with less crowd and witness the parade of villagers and monks across it. This bridge is also a beautiful sunset point. You can either rent a boat or simply walk from one end to the other on the bridge to capture the stunning sunset.

Shwenandaw Monastery

Situated near the Mandalay hill, this is the only surviving structure from Mandalay Royal Palace. King Mindon used this building as his personal department and died here in 1867. 2 years later, this teak building was dismantled by his son who believed that it was haunted by his father’s spirit. It was rebuilt 5 years later as a monastery. Being out of ordinary, this place is entirely made out of teak wood, and there are exquisite wood carvings all over with great detail. Overall, Shwenandaw Monastery is one of best places in Burma to learn more about Burmese traditional structure, a paradise for wood carving lovers, and a must-go for history buffs.


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