What to Do in Myanmar: Main Activities

You're planning to visit Myanmar, but still wonder about main activities when traveling to Myanmar. We've come up with this section providing short guide of what to do in Myanmar, what to eat, where to shop, and proposed budget for your trip.

What to do in Myanmar?

There is a variety of activities you could join during your excursion to Myanmar. It is completely up to your choice for each travel spot to explore magnificent pagodas, the pristine natural landscapes as well as the traditional culture of local residents. A bike tour around Bagan, one of the best places to go in Myanmar, is an interesting way to sightsee the imposing plain. If you could afford, do not hesitate to enjoy the tour in hot air balloons in the dawn to be lured in the romantic sunrise. You could take a boat trip along the Irrawaddy river from Mandalay to Bagan and sightsee the tranquil riverside landscapes or around Inle Lake, which is known as the gem of Shan highland. Some overnight trekking tours around the famed sites like Kalaw, Hsipaw or Kengtung could free your mind and recharge you with much more positive energy. Try being a local people to enjoy their modest and peaceful daily life seems a wonderful idea! If you prefer an adventurous excursion in mountain climbing, why don’t you come and conquer Mount Victoria (Chin State) or Mount Hkakabo Razi – a part of the Sino, Himalayas range? Taking part in the dive around the intact islands of the Myeik Archipelago or an eco-exploration tour to some national parks like Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Santuary, Indawgyi Lake and Moeyungyi Wetlands, you will never regret!

What to eat in Myanmar?

Burmese cuisine is special. Primarily, a Burmese typical meal often includes rice, some meat curries, soups, salads and vegetables, all of which are of Burmese typical style. Dishes are often added more oil, garlic and domestically characteristic spices. "Mohinga" – made from rice noodles and fish soup - is regarded as the best among the national cuisine. In addition, each region has its own specialty of cuisine, typically Shan noodles of Shan ethnic.

Additionally, it seems very exciting to try a street food tour around big cities like Yangon with many tasty dishes such as tea leaf salad, pancakes and Mon Lin Ma Yar – a kind of small fried cakes with eggs. Drop in a traditional village of ethnic minority surrounded by mountains and hills, raise a glass of local wine made from the palm sap or Shan Hill grape, pick up some local specialties, you would certainly be drown in authentic taste of a very Myanmar experience.

Traditionally, food is often served on a round and low table, surrounded by people gathering on the bamboo mat and sharing food with one another. Food is often picked with hands without chopticks, which is seen as an interesting style to enjoy the meal in Myanmar. However, forks and spoons are still served to keep the left hand clean.

Where to shop in Myanmar?

In Myanmar, where to go shopping? You could drop by some largest markets in big cities such as Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon for various handicrafts and some central markets in Pyay or Sittwe for colorful shopping scenes. If you like lacquer ware, let’s come to workshops in New Bagan, Nyaung U, Myinkaba and Kyaingtong. Jade Market in Mandalay is the land of gemstones and jewelleries products. For other souvenirs, parasols are popular in Pathein while puppets are more seen in Mandalay.

How much to pay for a trip to Myanmar?

The costs for a trip to Myanmar vary depending on the financial budgets, the interest of visitors, the means of transportation, hotel range or the destinations preferred during the trip. However, in general it seems much higher compared with that in other South East Asia like Thailand, Vietnam or Laos due to the exceeding demand for accommodation as well as the outdated national infrastructure. Overall, for a tour package of 2, it would cost you around 150$ per day including the hotels, the transfer car, domestique flights, tour guide, admission fees, and activities on tour. Notice that the more your group is, the less you pay.

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