qualite-prixUnlike some countries of Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia), traveling in Myanmar is still quite expensive. This may be surprising because the standard of living of the Burmese is still low. The reason is the shortage of hotel rooms; there is indeed a gap between the supply of rooms and the demand of the tourists. Hotel rates have been rising due to the sharp increase in visitors. The country has been recently opened to the world; infrastructure and tourism services do not currently meet the increasing demands of travelers. We understand that you expect a lot of your trip : a varied program and first-class services for a reasonable price. That’s why we want to offer you the best Myanmar travel deals:

  • We work directly with local partners we have selected for the quality of their service : guides, hotels, transport agents, … and negotiate prices with them. This allows us to have the best services at competitive prices.
  • We offer several packages to suit your budget and comfort requirements: accommodation in several categories of hotels : guesthouses, standard hotels, superior or deluxe boutique hotels; bed-and-breakfast, half-board or full-board; an French-speaking guide who will accompany you during your whole trip or an English-speaking guide by region.
  • We ensure that our profit margin is kept low to make our trips more affordable, while ensuring our team is properly remunerated (experts, guides, drivers, …).
  • Finally, whatever the price, we prefer the quality of our services to make sure your trip meets your expectations.

We assure you that in Myanmar Discovery will offer you the best travel experience possible for the best deal.

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