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Hi Miss Hang,

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond.  We’ve had a busy week as we celebrated my Son’s birthday and of course Easter!
I also wanted to be sure to write an email that reflected our happiness in relation to our trip to Myanmar. We truly enjoyed our stay in the ‘Golden Land’ and came away understanding why it is given such a title. Yangon was interesting. The whole family enjoyed our visit to the training monastery and also to the Schwedagon Pagoda. The Inle Lake was absolutely fascinating and very unique. We were mesmerised by the long necked ladies and to see how people live off the fruits of the river.  A very good education for our children. Our guide during this time was brilliant, he catered for the fact that we were a family, moving at our pace and met all of our needs. The Elephant sanctuary was a huge highlight for all of us but my youngest Son in particular fell in love with the elephants and did not want to leave. We were the last ones to depart. We spent all day there and it was a truly unforgettable, intimate experience with the enormous creatures!! My Son now wants to be a Mahout!!!! The guide at GHV was excellent and very knowledgeable. Finally we enjoyed 3 very relaxing days on Ngpali beach. It was stunning and for our family the Bayview was without fault. I am so glad we managed to stay there, the set up was perfect. We’re already spreading good words about Myanmar amongst our friends here in China. In fact I have just emailed our itinerary with Myanmar Discovery contact details on it to a good friend who plans to visit soon.
We had an amazing holiday and our experience with you personally and Myanmar Discovery Travel was faultless!! You made our last minute holiday to Myanmar a reality. You were professional and met all our needs.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful service and for sharing a piece of your beautiful country with us.
We are repatriating to the UK this Summer when I hope to return to the travel industry… Myanmar will be high on my list of recommendations for UK travellers!!
Wishing you all the very best.

Louisa & Family

The FELLS family
Address: UK
Tour name: Essential Myanmar
Travel time: 31/03-07/04/2017

Dear Ms Hang,
I would have written to you sooner, but too much works after two-week off for my first Myanmar trip. I and my friends all enjoyed our journey in Myanmar and have great memories of this trip.
As we traveled as a group of five, we need more discussion, and you, with your knowledge, managed to meet our demands. We would like to thanks for your efforts. Our trip went really smooth. Our guides, friendly and funny, helped us known about this fascinating country and its nice people. Other services are comfortable and as good as it was described in the program. The transfers were in time, and the hotels were nice. We really love the ones in Inle Lake. We will never forget this trip: when we cruised from Mandalay to Bagan, when we tasted wine at vineyard near Inle and enjoyed the sunset. All were precious and memorable.
It must be great if I will have chance to take a trip with your agency in the future. Hope Myanmar Discovery will be more succeed!

Emily TREMBLAY & 4 friends
Address: Lucerne, Switzerland
Tour name: Customized tour 'Myanmar at a glance'
Travel time: March 2017

Going to Myanmar has been a dream since many years back. However I didn’t have whole lot of time to plan for a backpacking trip on my own. I wrote to over 10 travel agencies and Myanmar Discovery was the first to return my mail and coincidentally also the one to make the best offer on my 7 day itinerary which includes destinations like Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. If you are looking for fast responses, good prices and worry free travel arrangements in Myanmar, look no further than Myanmar discovery.

Mr Chee Hiang Teo
Address : Teck Whye, Singapore
Tour name : Essential Myanmar
Travel time : 29/01 - 04/02/2017

Hi Myanmar Discovery Team,

We were well back in the US. We have nothing to complain about your service. Thanks to your organization, our holiday became easier.
We are thankful to our travel consultant. She suggested an itinerary that allowed us to visit Buddhist pagodas and temples and to see natural landscapes as we’d loved. We enjoyed a lot the sunset at Schwedagon Pagoda, the sunrise in Bagan, the beautiful countryside and people in Shan estate … Myanmar is such an incredible country and undiscovered gem!!!
Our local guides are all knowledgeable. They gave us much interesting information about Burmese culture and history.
We would use Myanmar Discovery again without hesitation. We have also recommended your service to many of my friends.

Wish you all the best for your business.

Mr & Mrs CLARK
Address : Chicago, US
Tour : The Best of Myanmar
Travel time : 6-21/12/2016

Myanmar Discovery made our trip easier, filled with amazing adventures. It seems that we got a sense of Burma people, their culture and their history after this wonderful trip. We’ll remember every moment in this magical land.
Our consultant and our guide were very helpful. They always cared about our desires.
Thank you so much for everything!
We wish Myanmar Discovery a new year 2017 with more success!

Steven Lim & family

Mr. Steven LIM & his family (4 people)
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Travel time: 6/11-23/11/2016

Dear Ms Hang,
We finally got back home safely. We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and all the team Myanmar Discovery Travel for organizing such a perfect trip! We appreciated your professionalism as well as your reliability. It was our very first time to travel with agency and we’re really satisfied with your high quality of service. We don’t hesitate to recommend you to all who want to visit this country!
About Myanmar, it’s such an amazing country. Not only its landscape but also its friendly local people are uniquely attractive. We were back home with full of good memories.
Thanks again and hope your business goes well !

Hannah & David

Address: Melbourne, Australia
Travel time: 30/11-11/12/2016

I’d like to express my special thanks to your team for the perfect organisation. Our trip was way better than we had expected. Our memories are filled with happy moments, and surprises as well. The guides and drivers are excellent. Charming hotels located in central area with very clean rooms.Well, I wasn’t really into burmese food but it seemed like my friends enjoyed well there.
Should we decide to go back to Myanmar again, we’ll surely count on you. Keep on the good performance !

Kind regards,


Aleyn Williams & friends (3 people)
Address: New Jersey, US
Travel time: 15/09/2016 to 26/09/2016

Good morning, 
I am sorry that we didn’t write to you earlier. We have arrived in France and resumed our daily routines, yet beautiful images of Burma is still in our heads. We believe that we should thank you for this great tour. Burma is a beautiful country! The landscapes are gorgeous, the Burmese are adorable and surprisingly kind. 
Thank you for the organization of our trip that generally met our expectations. Despite the rain, we were able to take full advantage of the days we spend in your country and have made many discoveries about its history, its culture, its religion, its current development in the modern world, its beautiful landscapes, people’s everyday lives … short , a nice overview over 2 weeks !!! 
With regards to the tour schedule, the diversity of the proposed activities (visits pagodas, temples, carriage rides, the boat, the boat, mountain walks …) gave us so much things to see, discover, share, enjoy … in the city, the countryside, the traditions that we didn’t have time to get bored !!! What happiness! 
We are very pleased with the friendliness, professionalism, punctuality of our guide and drivers and compliance with the program as a whole, as well as the selection of hotels. 
In addition, we thank you for your presence and support throughout this journey. You were very attentive to our needs, our health and our comfort. 
We attach the evaluation form we fill as a whole. The remarks we have made are only small details. It does not change what we think of you, you’re great. 
We will be sure to talk about your agency to our families, friends and colleagues. 
Good luck to the continuation of your business activities!

Françoise and Thierry Bouvier 
Valérie and Christian Lairet

Bouvier and Lairet families (4 people)
Address: Paris, France
Tour: The Best of Myanmar customized in 16 days
Travel time: 01/07/2016 to 16/07/2016

Hello Hoa, a quick note to thank you from the trip you have organized for us. We loved your country’s beauty, the people’s kindness and above all we would like to send a big thank you to our guide “Mo Mo”. It was a pleasure to share with him those 15 days. He was very caring of the group and was able to understand our expectations. 
We were attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled us to discover unusual sites that were not included in the program. 
The hotels you had reserved for us corresponded exactly to our request. 
In the opinion of all, many thanks to you, this exceptional trip will remain one of our best memories. 
I would not hesitate to recommend your agency to people around me. 
Well done and thank you much! 

Sincerely, Bellamy, Isabelle, Christine and Patrick

Mr. Bellamy Descoteaux and friends
Address: Bordeaux, France
Travel time: 22/04/2016 to 05/05/2016

Hello Mrs. Lan and Myanmar Discovery team, 
We came home on Saturday afternoon … after a wonderful trip! 
This is the first trip we make with my husband organizing it this way. For us everything was perfect. We did not find a single thing to complain about. 
Beyond your professionalism, we loved Burma and the itnerary you suggested. Visiting the places of beauty and diverse ethnicity was for us a moment of great emotion. We had a real love for Bagan and its temples. It really is an awesome place! We also had a lot of fun on Inle Lake. The boat driver was very nice. Boat rides were great. 
Our English speaking guides were friendly and helpful with each person, and they were always available. 
Regarding accommodation, the hotels were fine. The rooms were comfortable and very clean. It was a great experience to be able to sleep in guest houses and a monastery during our 3-day trek. 
We were also very sensitive to kindness and smiles of all the unknown people we met in the street or sites. 
In conclusion, thanks to you we could see this beautiful country. The organization was perfect and therefore we could enjoy our vacation with confidence. This is an exceptional experience I would have no problem recommending to travelers who have a taste for authenticity. 
We wish you the greatest success for your agency Myanmar Discovery!

Unforgettable trip in March 2016, Madeleine and Eric. 

Madeleine D’Aoust and husband
Address: Brussels, Belgium
Travel time: 02/03/2016 to 19/03/2016

I have not had time to respond to your email right away. We are very happy to know that you finally got the second part of the payment. 
Our trip to Burma gives us unforgettable memories. Your organization worked perfectly and allowed us to discover your country in a very personal way. The guides were very knowledgeable. 
Thanks again!

Mr. Coenraad NIX and 3 friends
Address: Alba la Romaine, France
Travel time: 12/01/2016 to 28/01/2016
Bagan plain of temples

Dear Madam,
Thanks for your email.
Our return is very well although it is difficult to return to the routine as a result of a beautiful journey.  As for organization, everything was perfect.  We suggested that the visit to Shwedagon Pagoda was moved to late in the day  because at that time it was more beautiful and our guide, fulfilling our request, took us there at the end of the tour and it was perfect.
Similarly in Bagan, we should not hesitate to visit the site by climbing the highest pagodas despite the number of tourists.  Nevertheless, the tour was impeccable, your “small” company is braced for significant development with such quality performance.  We will definitely recommend it to friends who are interested in such a trip to contact you.
Thank you very much.
See you soon. 
Hoda Adel and Macaroon 

Adel Macaroon and his wife
Address: New Naccache, Beirut, Lebanon
Travel time : 24/01/2016 to 31/01/2016

We are back in France after this tour from which we have derived many lessons. I have enjoyed Mrs. HOA in our exchanges to prepare our own program as well as her follow-up to each change of schedule. We had a French-speaking guide throughout the tour, KHIN was really the best and he knew all the subtleties of the French language. He brought us all his knowledge of the country to discover it in depth, in all its aspects and was able to share with us the variety of Burmese foods. We greatly appreciated your organization and the hotels we stayed. Despite sometimes there were small typical hazards of the Southeast Asia but it was quickly resolved by KHIN. We compliment on your professionalism and do not hesitate to recommend your service.

Mr. Jacques Torcheux and 15 friends
Address: Haute Savoie and Charente Maritime
Tour: Great Crossing of Myanmar customized in 19 days
Travel time : 06/01/2016 to 24/01/2016

Dear Madam Thi Hoa, 
We had a great time, especially well prepared by you and perfectly executed by our charming guide Hnin Wut Yee Soe. 
We will keep an unforgettable memory of this enchanting Burma, full of color and anchored in its traditions and so authentic. 
We particularly appreciated your involvement in the preparation of the trip, you have always been very attentive, available, you have put us in confidence from the first exchanges and have proposed a completely customized trip to our desires.
And we were more than satisfied with our guide who knew how to manage our trip very professionally and without failure. We totally relied on her. She was not only charming, but observative, always smiling, charming and totally devoted to her work. The kids loved all of suite (and us) and it is so regretful that we have to leave. 
I also want to emphasize the extreme kindness of Wut Yee Hnin Soe who got us out of a big embarrassment when we left. We learned when going through customs at the airport in Yangon that our daughter forgot her mobile phone at the hotel! Spontaneously Hnin Wut Yee Soe has offered to pick it up at the hotel, knowing that at this time of the day it took at least 2 hours for the round trip. He could have returned to his family to begin the New Year festivities, we owed him a favor.
Undoubtedly, we will recommend your agency and will not hesitate to start with you. 
Thanks again, thanks to you all, we had a great holiday. 
Emilie Fournier

Ms. Emilie Fournier and his family
Address: Brussels, Belgium
Travel time: 21st to 31st December 2015

We conducted a very nice journey in this country that was full of surprises: the cultural richness and ubiquity of Buddhism, local life and traditions, ethnic diversity, the general friendliness of the people we came across. Our guides were very pleasant and eager to introduce us to their country.
The trip was very well organized and we enjoyed the special attention and follow-up we have received from the agency. They were always keen to check that everything was going well and we were happy. We can trust them and recommend their services.
Valerie Carle 

Valérie Carle and her husband
Address: Lyon, France
Travel time : 6 to 14 November 2015

Hello everyone,
Having freshly returned from our trip, I send the report cards attached. We were very delighted. Thank you for the organization and for the quality of your services. Our three weeks have passed perfectly. We especially appreciated Bagan, the canoe trips on Inle and Kalaw hiking. We also enjoyed having Aung Toe as our guide. He was really excellent, very professional and very knowledgeable.
Isabelle and Patrick

Isabelle Darbellay and her husband
Address: Boileau street, 69006 Lyon, France
Travel time : August 29 to September 17, 2015

Hello Ms. Duong!
Thank you for your news. We returned to France last Saturday with many happy memories. Our trip went very well, thanks to you. The home in Yangon was fine.
We are impressed by the beauty of the temples of Bagan, golden pagodas everywhere.
We enjoyed the friendliness and professionalism of the various guides that have allowed us to discover your country, so rich in variety and colorful temples.
Put our best memory in Min Thu for his kindness and good humor, which enabled us to discover in excellent conditions the “dazzling” Inle Lake.
We have, throughout our journey, were greeted with friendliness and we will keep very good memories of the people we met.
Your agency is very professional at all levels: itinerary, tours, hotels, guides. It is with great pleasure that I recommend your agency to people wishing to go to Burma and, why not, go back ourselves!
Send our regards to your team,
Brigitte PINAR & family

PINAR Brigitte and her family – 4 people
Address: Toulouse, France
Travel time: 01 – 15 August 2015

Very nice trip! A mesmerizing country with beautiful landscape, with a very rich culture and friendly people.
I am pleased to say that the first country in Asia that I visited was Burma … Obviously I have to concede that I have known, for honeymoon, unusually comfortable conditions.
Thank you for this wonderful discovery and say hello from us to Su, our lovely guide in Yangon!

Thomas LAFORCE and his wife
Address: Road Stivel 22700 Louannec , France
Travel time : 14 to 26 July 2015

Wonderful trip! 
The Burmese are very warm and tolerant; they gladly open the door of their home. Perfect organization. Our guide was lovely and did everything to meet our demands despite his accent being a bit difficult to grasp.
Pagodas, temples and Bagan are awesome! Only minor downside, the monastery that housed us after four hours of intensive march were not interesting as there was little exchange with the monk occupying the premises.
Good continuation!

Jeremy MARTIN & his friend – 2 people
Address: Alouette Street, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Travel time : 12 to 23 June 2015

Good evening Hoa and Su,
We are well back home, tired, of course, but delighted with our trip.
The program you have offered for two weeks was very interesting and varied. Temples, pagodas, markets, local life, have succeeded to fulfill our days. The dosage was perfect !!
On the trek in Kalaw to Inle, it was a great experience to be able to sleep in a monastery. Our guide and cooks were great. I recommend this hike. At Inle Lake, boat rides were great, people we met on the lake were very friendly, we also had a lot of fun.
In fact we enjoyed your professionalism, your dedication, your attentiveness, your attention to satisfy your customers’ desire. I can say that you have succeeded.
Some of my friends are planning to do the same trip next year, I will be sure to contact them,
Thank you for everything !
JP Gatti

Mr. Jean-Pierre GATTI & Friends – 4 people
Address : Street Chanateyre 63530 Sayat, France
Tour : From the southernmost to the temples of Bagan
Travel time : May 22-June 6, 2015

We want to, again, send our thanks to the team at Myanmar Discovery for the most wonderful trip I have ever taken. We came back from our trip with a lot of beautiful images still in our head. We will never forget the hot air balloon ride in Bagan, it is MAGNIFICENT (despite its high price).
The program was what we were looking for and the amenities were beyond our expectations.
A thank, in particular, to our guide Moe Su who was always attentive and considerate to our well being and a hat off to our driver for his kindness and punctuality.
It is clear that we will take our future trips with your agency for the quality of your work and your kindness. Of course we will recommend your agency to our friends.
Good day to all and thank you again.
The Pahan family

The Pahan family – 5 people
Address: Nogent sur Marne, France
Travel time: 19th – 31st March 2015

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