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nivo moiTo make your trip an unforgettable experience, Myanmar Discovery, a Burma travel agency, enlist the talents of a team of specialists who are consumed with passion and devotion: a travel consultant who draws the first sketch of your dream trip, a logistics operator who arranges your accommodation, and customer service staff who are always at your disposal and follow you throughout your travel to Burma. We try arrange high-quality and personalized services to deliver the best trip for you.

Our strength is Quality. We recruit the best guides, select quality accommodation (either hotel or homestay) and coordinate means of transportation (be it car, train, plane, boat depending on specific situations). We take a great length to provide unique and personalized services of the best quality that you can expect from a Burma travel agency.

To maintain sufficient quality services, our travel agency annual excursions in multiple regions of Burma. Our experts conduct this task with utmost diligence: from embarking on scouting trips to improve our tours and discover other travel options to performing constant evaluations of our local Burmese guides and drivers and controlling quality of hotels and restaurants to match your expectation. These service providers will also be reviewed by our customers who give us their feedback after each trip. We would take into account their reviews to make improvements in future trips.

We assure that we are a trustworthy Burma travel agency only working with providers who uphold their commitment to quality, allowing you to take a trip in the best conditions.

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