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Places to Stay in Myanmar: Hotels, Guesthouses & Homestay

hotel_birmanie2-272x182Recently opened to tourism, Myanmar has become the leading destination in Southeast Asia, but the hotel infrastructure does not yet meet the increasing demands both in terms of quantity and quality. That’s why we pay special attention to the selection of places to stay in Myanmar: from hotels, guesthouse to homestay.
We are in constant contact with our hotel suppliers to offer you what is best. We have pre-picked the best hotels so that you make your stay most enjoyable.

All hotels that we offer have been visited and assessed. We also ask our customers their appreciation after their stay in Myanmar to make sure that the quality remains constant.


Criteria for the selection of our hotels:

  • hotel_birmanie4-300x200Cleanliness of the rooms : whether for a guest house, a standard hotel or a luxury hotel, cleanliness is the key factor in our choice. You can be assured that we only choose the hotels that meet this criterion. If this is not the case, the hotel would be immediately removed from our list.
  • Comfort : the 4 or 5 star hotels provide high standard of accomodation with a wide range of facilities, all comfort and perfect service, as well as a swimming pool and a beautiful garden. But if you you choose a standard or medium class hotel, we ensure that it provides a good standard of accommodation and a minimum of comfort : air conditioning, bathroom with shower, hot water, towels.
  • Location : most of our hotels are well placed in cities or tourist areas, allowing easy access to the restaurants and cafes in the evening.
  • hotel_birmanie5-300x200Quiet place : We try to choose quiet places in pleasant environments. But Myanmar has a Buddhist majority so there are many temples and pagodas and you could hear some noises coming from religious buildings: prayers, bells, etc. It never lasts long but we prefer to warn you.

We include in offer various types of hotels, allowing you to make your trip to Myanmar according your budget. You can also mix hotels of various categories or propose hotels of your preference. Names of the hotels and the proposed room categories are also clearly mentioned.

If you travel off the beaten track, accommodation is restricted to simple guesthouses and hotels. In locations such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan or Inle Lake, there are a number of beautiful boutique options but demand is higher than supply. We always try to book a room in one of our preferred hotels but advise you to book at least 9 months in advance.

Accomodation in a homestay or in a monastery :

chez-habitant-birmanie-300x200For those who would like to hike for a few days in the mountains or countryside, we suggest nights in a homestay or in a monastery (no other options). We draw your attention to the fact that this type of accommodation offers no comfort; in fact you will live in the same conditions as the local people. You will probably get a mattress (without bed if it’s a house on stilts), pillows and blankets. The toilet is outside and of common use. There is no hot water or fan (the temperature in the mountains is usually pretty cool). This information is important for you to avoid bad surprises.

Boat/ Cruise :

croisiere-myanmar2-300x200We offer to travelers cruises of one or more days on the majestic Irrawaddy River (route Bagan Mandalay). The boats have comfortable cabins with a private bathroom and air conditioning. This cruise is a unique experience and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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