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Transportation Services During Myanmar Tours

transport_birmanie-300x200Traffic and transport in several Asian countries including Myanmar are quite different from your home country. In Yangon, the first city of Myanmar, the car is the only authorized means of transport to circulate in the streets, motorcycles and mopeds are prohibited. On the other hand, you can find in other cities and regions motorcycles, bicycles, tuk tuks, rickshaws, horse carts, bullock carts. To travel in a more romantic or scenic way, you will like trains and boats. We try to offer several transportation services during Myanmar tours, allowing you to discover the country with originality and authenticity.


Private cars :

chauffeur_guide-myanmarYou will always circulate in an air – conditioned car. Our cars are in excellent condition and equipped with all comfort : air conditioning, seat belts and cold bottles of water.

Depending on the size of your group, we will provide you with:

  • A 4 – seater car if you are two
  • A car 7 places if you are three or four
  • A minibus 9 places if you are five or six
  • A minibus 16 places if you are seven to ten

This to make sure you have enough space for your luggage. For travel to the mountains and difficult roads, 4×4 will be offered.

Our drivers, although they don’t speak French and don’t speak English very well, are very professional.

  • They drive very cautiously and respect the traffic rules.
  • They are on time for excursions, transfers or any other appointment.
  • They know the places where you have to stop for you to relax and take beautiful photos.
  • They are always friendly and very discreet.

Plane :

transport_aerien_birmanie-300x200Given the size of the country, flying is by far the most comfortable option for travelling long distances. The Myanmar roads have improved, but it still takes long time to travel, and the railways are in a very bad shape. Road and rail transport are long and tiring (eg: it takes approximately one night for going from Yangon to Bagan / Mandalay / Inle by bus). That’s why we suggest you to travel by air. 
Most major cities and tourist destinations of the country (Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle) are served by airlines. Each domestic flight lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

During high season (November to February), advance booking is recommended, as some flights get very quickly completely full. Therefore, reservations must be made 5 – 6 months ahead.

Boat :

sampan_inle_birmanie-300x200You will have the opportunity to make small boat trips :

  • Either on the beautiful Inle Lake, one of the most magical of Asia, where the landscapes are of rare beauty. It will allow you to see small lakeside villages and their inhabitants grow vegetables on floating gardens.
  • On the Irrawaddy River or one the Yangon River.

For these short trips we offer you motorized boats or small boats piloted by local boatmen. These boats are equipped with life jackets and the necessary safety equipment.

If you want to transport yourself back in time, take a cruise on the scenic Irrawaddy : your will enjoy your journey of breathtaking beauty. The vessels have beautiful cabins, a panoramic restaurant and an upper deck from where you can admire the magnificent scenery. You will cruise the most scenic part of the river with temples and pagodas on the hills, riverside villages lost in time, watching people working in the rice fields. You will have opportunities to disembark from time to time to explore the small villages and discover the lifestyle.
This type of cruise is perfect for those who love comfort and want to relax. However it is relatively expensive because you get a full pension, on board activities and excursions in small villages.

Train :

train_birmanie2-300x200Myanmar has an extensive but ancient rail network. Introduced by the British in the late 18th century, the railroad used to play an important role in Myanmar. Several railway lines were built to serve the major cities and the relatively distant destinations But trains are slow, noisy, not very comfortable, that’s why they are not privileged as in our travels.
However, if you want to see the country and discover the rhythm of local life, we offer a circuit lasting approximately one hour around Yangon (circle train).This network is used by locals and you will see very few tourists. This will give you the opportunity to meet with local people, enjoy the beautiful landscapes, villages and countryside … each stop will give you a real picture … You will find yourself in another world … which you will not regret.

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