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Places to Eat: Restaurants in Myanmar

Your discovery of Myanmar will be fulfilled by enjoying the Burmese cuisine from its various regions. If you are wondering about places to eat, what restaurants in Myanmar that we have recommended, from the Shan noodle bowl to the “Burmese” buffet, you will have the opportunity to taste in each region its best specialties.
A variety of dishes characterizes Burmese cuisine, a unique blend of Burmese, Mon, Thai, Indian and Chinese influences. Its diversity is also due the myriad local ethnic authorities.

nouriture_b-manie1-300x200A typical Burmese meal often includes a bowl of soup, rice, several meat curries, steamed rice, a fermented sauce and vegetables.
Curries are prepared with garlic, ginger, onions, turmeric, much oil.
Burmese cuisine is characterized by extensive use of fish products like fish sauce and Ngapi (dry, fermented seafood), fish or shrimp.
Guests can smell the scents in the markets. Some curries are quite spicy but you can ask for less spicy dishes.


We pay special attention to food and hygiene standards. That’s why we respect the following principles :

  • restaurant_yangon_birmanie2-300x200Hygiene : whether luxury, small local restaurant or market stalls, we only select places where you are served in the best hygienic conditions. Mineral water or pure water is provided throughout your trip. Tap water is not-drinkable and is not advisable.
  • Nutrition : you can get tired while traveling! To have energy you need well-balanced meals (meat, vegetables, fruit …). We will guide you through the wide variety of Burmese cuisine.
  • Restaurant : at each meal, your guide will help you place your order to avoid surprises or food to which you are allergic.

restaurant_yangon_birmanie-300x200You can find international cuisine (Italian, North American and even French for chic restaurants) in Yangon and tourist attractions, but at higher prices than the Burmese or Chinese dishes.
Note : although some restaurants try to follow the European concept, they don’t have the same rigor.
For Burmese restaurateurs, what is important is that they cook fresh and give the best flavor to foreigners by using their local nutrition resource and adapting their local eating habits. 

Sometimes you will notice that in some restaurants, placemats or tablecloths are not always changed or that knives or forks are missing … that seems superfluous in Myanmar. 

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