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Let’s celebrate your blissful moment with our Myanmar honeymoon packages – the mystical country graced with the ability to make you fall in love with it and with each other.

You are going to get engaged or married, or you are newlyweds! Congratulations!

To celebrate this special time in your life, you want to make an unforgettable journey for only the two of you with the exotic land, the sun and the surprises? You should consider your dreamy trip on our Myanmar honeymoon vacations! Myanmar Discovery has selected romantic getaways for you to make your honeymoon an enchanted one.
Burma is probably the perfect destination for a romantic trip. There are the beautiful places of the country; the fauna and flora endemic to the area of Southeast Asia; its relief surrounding the mountain; the coasts of scattered islands in their many colors, traditions, smiles… And you will celebrate your honeymoon as it should with moments full of romance and sweetness: witness the sunset with a cocktail on a small boat on the Irrawaddy; a candlelit dinner in a beautiful setting; enjoy a massage for two; stroll on the fine sands to pamper your foot on the paradise beache of Ngapali and maybe an overview of Bagan on hot-air balloon?
Of course, your trip will be organized with special attention to offer you emotions and precious memories.
Contact us so that we can develop your honeymoon in Myanmar that of lifetime! Thanks!

Myanmar Honeymoon Trip - The Love Song of the Golden Land Honeymoon Essential in Myanmar (10 Days) 
Type: honeymoon, culture, nature l Duration: 10 days l Departure & Return:  Yangon
Itinerary: Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Ngapali Beach
This 10-day honeymoon vacation in Myanmar allows you to enjoy romantic moments in a perfect beginning of your marriage: candlelit dinner at Karaweik Palace in Yangon, relaxing stay at the poetic Inle Lake, remarkable moment ambling around ancient temples at Bagan. And the untouched beauty of Ngapali beach will make this lifetime trip will last forever: have a barbecue by the seaside, start a bonfire, listen to the wind shushing and the waves whispering, the precious time as the whole country is.


Honeymoon in Myanmar - Love at the First Sight

In Love in Myanmar (13 Days)
Type: honeymoon, culture, nature, adventure l Duration: 13 days l Departure & Return:  Mandalay & Yangon
This specifically designed tour will lead you and your life partner to the most outstanding treasures of this golden land: from the precious time lounging together to enjoy glorious sunset in U Bein Bridge, just two of you in the world of your own at the Inle Lake, or venture to mount Popa where love story form the revered local animist. The pristine beauty and simple life-style will mark fresh beginning yet momentous of your marriage.


Myanmar Honeymoon Vacation in 17 Days - A Golden Start for a Golden Marriage

Golden Honeymoon in the Golden Land (17 Days)
Type: honeymoon, culture, discovery, nature l Duration: 17 days l Departure & Return: Yangon
A well-rounded itinerary embraces different tastes to make your honeymoon vacation much more wonderful. Let the holiest religious sites of Shwedagon Pagoda and Golden Rock witness your love, enjoy the world just two of you amongst the tranquil setting of Inle Lake, or Ngapali’s waves whispering the love song for you.


Myanmar isn’t your typical honeymoon destination, but that’s what make it’s so enticing. It is a honeymoon getaway in the truest sense.

Who would it suit? It’s recommended for any more intrepid couple looking to travel around, and experience a country with the characteristic welcoming warmth of Southeast Asia, framed with the natural beauty of a largely unspoiled landscape.

Myanmar honeymoon packages are not the ordinary that you might easily see on the Internet; it would be a wonderful base for you to enjoy romantic moments in a perfect beginning of your marriage. A candlelit dinner at Karaweik Palace, hands in hands ambling around thousands temples in Bagan, or thrilling in nature among the glassy world of Inle Lake. To enrich every single romantic moment during your vacation, we’d like to share some most touching love story, which will help colouring your trip in this golden land.

Weddings are special in a person’s life and honeymoon vacation is always most memorable trip. What can be more meaningful than celebrate your vacation in an absolutely exotic destination? Stay at outstanding colonial-era hotels, remote mountain eco-lodges, and luxurious river cruise ships. Take a sunset cruise on the Irrawaddy River, visit a local winery overlooking stunning Inle Lake, and float in a hot air balloon over the spectacular plains of Bagan. Enjoy a romantic beachside dinner for two while listen to the wind shushing and the waves whispering its external songs, or hands in hands amble around the century old pagodas of Bagan. Myanmar has everything to offer to make your honeymoon the most memorable time of your life. Everyone has different taste, let us know your preference and we will make your Myanmar honeymoon packages perfect, just for you!

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