Myanmar Senior Trip Packages

Our Myanmar senior trip packages provide excellent bases to make your days pass by meaningfully, an oriental experience whose versatility never fades.
You’ve retired and have a lot of time ahead that allows you to travel? You want to discover other horizons but the information collected on the Internet are not sufficient and sometimes contradictory. This prevents you from planning your trips properly and makes you confused.
We offers a selection of Myanmar senior trip packages tailored to your needs and wishes. We are aware that this part of life offers new perspectives and is braced for a lot of events. You like to admire beautiful landscapes; visit religious and historical monuments; meet with the Aboriginals and discover their life, their culture, gastronomy; go on hiking or relax by a beautiful beach… These holidays are adjusted in accordance with your wishes and physical condition in order to please you, your friends and your family.

Our tours also cater to all your demands by providing you with quality services and adaptive and secure surroundings. With Myanmar Discovery, you will travel with confidence.

Contact us so that we can develop a program that fulfills your wishes! Thanks!

Myanmar Senior Trip Packages - 18 Days to Discover Western Imprints in Myanmar
Type: discovery, trekking l Duration: 18 days l Departure and return : Mandalay, Yangon
This 18-day journey takes you to explore the long-lasting western imprints in the Golden Land with churches and mosques contributing to the diversified religious profile of Myanmar. The impression of British Domination, blessed or dreaded, will leave an aftertaste that lasts longer than your trip. Inevitably, not without the visit to the most famous destinations of Burma. The leisurely pace with allow you enough time to truly retrieve something emotional from the places you visit.
Myanmar Senior Trip Packages - Contemplate the Religious Landscape of Myanmar in 16 Days
The Heritage of Myanmar (16 Days)
Type: discovery, culture l Duration: 16 days l Departure and return:  Yangon
Be succumbed to the charm of gilded Buddhist monuments and the surreal beauty of its unspoiled beaches. This tour takes you through from modern cosmopolitans to ancient towns, from commercial centers to cultural hearts, from touristic destinations to remote natural delights, exploring the underlying values of the mysterious nation.  
Myanmar Senior Trip Packages - Immerse in Myanmar's Unspoiled Nature
Type: discovery, culture, nature, trekking l Duration: 13 days l Departure and Return : Yangon, Mandalay 
Just like an assorted dish, this tour lets you taste the varied flavors of Burma: the seasoned metropolis, the untamed trekking routes, the religious towns and the swamped villages which speak thousands of years of history. You will do a lot of walk-and-talk in this introductory course to Myanmar.


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