Practical Burma Travel Advice

Travel to Burma must be your next ‘to-do-list’. Following the lift of Western sanctions, Burma has become a magnet for tourists. The country is, now, willing to unveil its legendary beauty and authentic culture to the outside world hungry for an exotic land. Below we note down some Burma travel advice that can be useful for your trip in the future:

What to do and not to do while communicating with locals?

The general advice when travel to Burma is to avoid overzealous physical contact as the country is still bound with a multitude of social and religious restraints. Beware around monks and females. Recklessness when dealing with these groups can earn you ire from the locals.

  • Do not touch someone's head. We do not give either of pat on the back as a sign of affection. They do not greet women by shaking hands.
  • Never point your finger tip to anyone's face, for any reason. Interpretations are different and this can be a sign of reproach. When moving, if you want to ask the person next to you to lift his/her legs to let you pass, smile at him.
  • To salute on entering a house, you tilt slightly forward as a courtesy. Remove your shoes if you notice that the host has done the same.
    If you give gifts, do it with both hands and bow forward slightly.
  • In restaurants, you can eat with your fingers if you see that the Burmese do the same. In those a classier restaurant, avoid.
  • When you walk down the street and you hear whistling behind you, there is surely somebody that requires the passage.
  • Avoid showing signs of affections in public, the Burmese are quite modest overall.
  • In pagodas and temples, remove shoes and socks. You should not sit turning your back to the Buddha, you do not tip feet in his direction and not bypass to the right. Consider making a donation for each visit.
  • Attention to the relationship with the monks! For women avoid physical contact. In general, we do not usually squeeze their hand, they do not like too close approach, we should sit below them, they are given more food after 12pm and we should not walk consciously on their shades.
  • Ask for permission before taking pictures of someone

Myanmar is a wonderful country and its people are amazingly friendly. However, each nation has its own traditions and belief, it is highly recommended to search for some Burma travel advice to avoid any mistake in your trip.

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